My 20,000th Day

(This started as a "comment" to Leah and Anne Marie’s comments below, but it got kind of long to just be "a comment")

I wonder what 10,000 letters would look like…Hmmm…tempting.  I may have just spoken way more than 10,000 words to my oldest, and dearest, best friend in the whole world, Jen (Gowell), on the phone. (even though she doesn’t read my blog, I still love her a whole lot:)   1 hour and 42 minutes…let’s see 102 minutes times 60=oh, that’s only 6,120 seconds.  not quite enough.

Anne Marie, I just may celebrate my 20,000th day, we’ll have to see!  If God blesses me to live to see my 20,000th day, I’ll be 54!  Hopefully I’ll be married by then (hah!:), have had some kids and hopefully some grandkids.  So on my 20,000th day I want to celebrate with my grandkids.:)  How’s that for planning?

My 10,000th Day

For the past year I’ve looked forward to this day.  I’ve thought about what I would do to celebrate.  So here I am and what I am doing?  No, I’m not at Caribou, but I am about to grade papers.  🙂 

I actually kind of forgot about it today, until I was at Curves getting measured (of all things).  All of a sudden I bursted out to the lady there, "I’m 10,000 days old today!!"  She said, "Oh, well Happy Birthday!"  I told her it wasn’t my birthday, and that I was just 10,000 days old.  She just laughed.

This morning I got to pray with some friends, and that was a great thing to do on such a special day.  After that…nothin’ special.  Maybe if I get my work done I can do something to celebrate.  I’ve gotta admit that I’m a little disappointed in myself…

"So, self, I’m sorry for not doing much to celebrate this landmark day."

I guess if I could do something to salvage this moment I could simply express 10,000 THANK YOU’S to the people in my life who mean so much in my life.  And even more THANK YOU’S to Jesus for saving me by His amazing grace…and everthing else He’s done in my life.:)

Snow Day!


I think that people are under the impression that kids are the only people that pray for snow days…but they’re wrong!  Teachers pray for snow days even harder than the kids do!  After driving for an hour to get to church tonight because of the snow, I’m really prayin’ for a snow day tomorrow.  🙂

35,475 Days

On Saturday I will celebrate my 10,000th day, but today I celebrate a woman who lived her 35,475th day, and then passed into eternity

This was Katherine Burton 2 Christmases ago, holding one of her favorite things…chocolate.  I think she may have influenced my like for chocolate;)


She was my last, living grandparent at the age of 97 years old.

There are some people in my life that I could always count on to pray for me.  Grandmom was probably the most consistent throughout my life.  She knew Jesus.  She loved Jesus.  She prayed to Jesus.  She told others about Jesus…What an example.

I’m glad that I got to see her at Christmas time to say, "Goodbye."  She kept talking about "Glory"-
going there, longing to be there with Jesus (and every now and then she would look up at us and ask if were finally in Glory, together:).  We got to pray with her as she just cried out to Jesus.  She really wanted to see Him.  Then she just started praying…for me!  Grandmom was there in pain and she started to pray for me.  Can I tell you the funny thing about it all though?  She prayed for my future husband.  🙂  After many conversations with her about the topic, I think she may have thought about it more than I did. 

She valued love and relationships, and right now-if it works this way-she’s with my grandpop, whom I never met, and whom she longed to be with once again.  I loved her so much.  She cared so deeply for me, and I will miss her.  The best thing is that I will see her again someday:)


Few Words to Say

This is in response to a friend who texted me last night, asking if I was fasting from blogging.  I haven’t been, I just haven’t had much to say.  I know that it doesn’t make sense-especially if you know me well.  I just don’t have too much to say right now.  A few thoughts though…

-The 24 season premiere on Sunday and Monday nights were heart-pounding and great.  Jack is back and I’m pumped.

-Yesterday I had the opportunity to serve at St Leo’s Soup Kitchen, in Detroit, with some friends for MLK Day.  He was a man with a long name "Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.", a short history and a huge legacy.  All I did yesterday was chop vegetables, prepare utensils and serve ham.  It’s so little, I suppose, but little things have the potential to mean a lot. 

-I need to eat more fruit and vegetables.  So I’ve been looking for good, yet simple, recipes to try out.  Hope they taste good!

-It’s freezing outside and that makes it chilly inside too…I really liked the weather on the news tonight because they kept saying there was a "cuddle alert".

-I’m really enjoying the book of Genesis.  So many questions keep coming up and that excites me.  It’s helping me to remember my finite knowledge of the Bible and it’s challenging me to think more for myself about the beginnings of Israel.  I’m seeing more and more how often God uses imperfect people to accomplish His will.  It gives me hope!  🙂

-A small group of friends are going to Guatemala to build homes for widows and children in June.  I’m going to go!  That was just decided today.  Please pray for God to provide in big ways.  I’ll have to see almost $2,000 come in to pay for my trip and some of the cost of the houses that we’ll build.  (Let me know if you feel led to support me financially and/or in prayer:)

That’s it.  My thoughts are done for the night.  Now I sleep.