My 20,000th Day

(This started as a "comment" to Leah and Anne Marie’s comments below, but it got kind of long to just be "a comment")

I wonder what 10,000 letters would look like…Hmmm…tempting.  I may have just spoken way more than 10,000 words to my oldest, and dearest, best friend in the whole world, Jen (Gowell), on the phone. (even though she doesn’t read my blog, I still love her a whole lot:)   1 hour and 42 minutes…let’s see 102 minutes times 60=oh, that’s only 6,120 seconds.  not quite enough.

Anne Marie, I just may celebrate my 20,000th day, we’ll have to see!  If God blesses me to live to see my 20,000th day, I’ll be 54!  Hopefully I’ll be married by then (hah!:), have had some kids and hopefully some grandkids.  So on my 20,000th day I want to celebrate with my grandkids.:)  How’s that for planning?

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