More than Bunnies

Happy Easter, everybody!  I am so grateful that I get to celebrate the real deal on Easter.  

Jesus is more than bunnies, eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, baskets, chicks and Peeps.  While I enjoy each of these things (although not this year…see previous post) I am so glad that Jesus means more to me than all of them.  

His sacrifice is more than just a lighthearted treat.  It was a deep, heavy sacrifice that He walked through. 

It was more than ham and pineapple stuffing…He became the Bread of Life.  

Jesus overcame death, not just for him, but for us too…which is even more than what I'll walk through when He heals all of my bodily ailments.  

He is these few, few things, and so much more.  

It's not just about randomly going to church this one time a year, but about serving Him everyday with our thoughts, our actions, our confession, our faith.  

The story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection is more than just a story.  It's a journey of God's physical being on earth…Him living life like us…only in a sinless fashion.

The beauty of the the cross is filled with pain and suffering.  It's filled with anguish and yet LIFE flowed gloriously.

Everything I once held dear, I count as loss…Lead me to the cross…Rid me of myself, I belong to You…

Lead Me to the Cross

Head the Warning Signs

We all have our stories.  And this blog is all about mine. 🙂  First I'd like to share some warning signs…Click on them to read them…

Helpdesk Warningsign  Moose warning sign 300Warning_Sign_by_SouthernDesigner

 So I had a number of occasions over the last 6 months where I had this immense pain in my upper abdominal area, into my pain, that almost sent me to the hospital a few times.  I had my suspicions as to what it might be and made an appointment with a gastro-doctor-guy.  He told me this past Monday that I was most likely right-gallstones.  Yippee!  I needed one more thing wrong with me!  He set me up to have some tests done to check whether it's for sure, and also to check for some other possibilities.  The other possibilities did come true, and I'll find out about the gallstone thing next week.  It's official-Ihave some lovely stomach issues that I hadn't even anticipated!

As I've been contemplating these little issues that are killing my old diet (literally everything that I truly enjoy eating more than anything is on the "avoid these foods" list), I've been wondering how long I would've dealt with them had I not had the severe pain of the probable gallstones.  I hadn't been feeling anything but minor heartburn…but really, what's a little heartburn every now and then?  Octopus-warning-sign  

Everything that I read about online to see how to treat and deal with these issues tells me that others always know when they're flaring up, or whatnot, but I hardly ever notice anything wrong!  That is, until yesterday.

Both yesterday and today I have actually noticed some stomachaches!  Once I thought about them I realized that I have felt this sickness for months, but literallyTurnDrownWarningSign   never really noticed it much!  I just must've gotten used to that awful feeling…and now it's gotten a lot worse than if I'd noticed it right away!

So I can't help but compare this to sin.  This is not a new message and I don't know that it will wreck someone's life in a good way, but at the same time, I can't help but think of the correlation!  What happens when I ignore the little signs that something is wrong with my thought life, or my actions, or my words?  What happens when I ignore the my gut that the Holy Spirit wants to use me in a situation?  What happens when I ignore what Scripture is screaming out to me to change?  The same thing that happens when I ignore the little signs that something is wrong with my stomach…ulcers and acid reflux of my spiritual heart. 

Warning_sign  And what do I have to do now?  Change my diet.  All the things that I enjoy-cheese, chocolate, tomatoes, mochas, ah, the list goes on…they all have to be eliminated for some time, and then only enjoyed every now and then once my insides have healed significantly.  If only I hadn't ignored the warning signs…If only I hadn't become so numb to this crappy feeling in my stomach that was trying to tell me I've been sick.  Then maybe I wouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg on all this medical treatment.  If only…

I cannot live with regret, but I can live with a better, more disciplined plan for the present and future.  And so it is with life.  Look to the past to change the future.  Here's to paying attention to the warning signs, both in my tummy and in my life.  We need to choose the things that will makeWarning-sign us healthy, inside and out.

James 5.13-15  Are you hurting? Pray. Do you feel great? Sing. Are you sick? Call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master. Believing-prayer will heal you, and Jesus will put you on your feet. And if you've sinned, you'll be forgiven—healed inside and out.