Memory Lane…I-94West


Since yesterday around 11.30am, I've traveled approximately 700 miles down memory lane…a little road I like to call Interstate 94 West.  

I'm currently at my BFF's house in Minnesota, typing my post, not only on a mac for the first time ever, but looking at a screen that's wider than my living room tv and more than half the height of it. 🙂 Hilarious.  Plus, I'm sitting next to their basement recording studio-thing.  Wow…it's a cool setup!  

But that's neither here, nor there.  I'm staying at my friend's house (whom I've missed dearly) and we just got to hang out for a couple hours…which was so, so great.  She's got a cute little prego belly on her, which is also so, so great!  

To get here, I did have to travel on 94 West for 700 miles though, and when I entered the Twins Cities, my heart started to beat quite quickly.  I certainly don't wish that I was back in college-life right now is amazing!  Oh, but stepping back into my past this evening was sort of unreal to me. 

I drove over to North Central to see my good friend, Ginger (picture to come), her husband, Juice, and to meet their daughter Kallie.  Wow…just driving down Elliot Avenue almost made my cry.  Memories just started flooding my heart and I felt overwhelmed.  Then seeing Ginger, and reminiscing, made me laugh hard and recall how God blessed my college years in countless ways.  I remember thinking that life just couldn't get any better.  

Somehow it did and I get to live life with amazing people, minister with amazing people, and serve amazing people in Metro Detroit.  My college years were the best…for then…and my life right now is the best…for now.  And someday (someday) when I'm married and have a kid or two of my own, life will be the best…for then all over again.

My trip down memory lane has only begun, and I'm ecstatic to continue tomorrow…but how fun that God has been creating new memories for my lane to continue, and He'll continue that journey throughout the rest of my life.  

Life certainly didn't end after high school.  It certainly didn't end after college, It's not going to end when I turn thirty…it's not even going to end when I get married!  =)  But neither did it begin at any of those ventures.  Life is happening NOW.  I need to remember to live the life that God has me in NOW.  

I Heart Google

I often say that Google really should pay me for how much I love it.  Once I entered the land of Gmail, I was lost in techno love and have since tried to convince everyone to get their very own, free, way organized, stinkin' cool email account with it!  Successfully I've actually gotten people to convert.  I almost lose respect for people that still use hotmail (lol…just kidding, well, kinda:) 

Anyway, last night at my Lifegroup, I learned of yet another thing that makes Google cool in my eyes.  Well, perhaps it just makes me laugh, but it's kind of a cool thought.  Blackgle isn't an actual website (unbeknownst to the person who told me about it)…it's a blogspot blog that supposedly saves energy by having a black screen instead of a white screen.  It's got a Google search engine and…well…you can check it out here.  And you can read more about it on my friend Sarah's blog…cause she wrote about it first. 🙂

School’s Out. Summer. Dirt.

Do you know the tension between being "ready for summer" and "wishing it wasn't so dang hot outside"?  That's me right now.  I'm PUMPED that school has let out for a couple months…but this heat-whew!  I think I just heard that it was like 90 degrees outside…

My classroom is in the basement and, well, it's filthy down there.  Dirt just seems to seep up through the tiles and down through the ceiling tiles.  And the windows don't open.  Well, one does, but I can't reach it:)  I've got an air conditioner, but the power breaker connected to this room overheats pretty easily, so every 20 minutes that it's on, everything in my room goes out. LOL.  It can be frustrating, but it is actually humorous at times.  Plus, my keyboard buttons are all sticky:)  Oh dear…

My room looks like a pig sty (what's new?) and I thankfully just found out that I can leave some stuff here over the next month or so since I'll be doing the academic portion of our b-ball camp.  For this, I'm blessed on so many levels.

So I decided to just sit here…dirty, sweaty and listening to the radio…typing away…my laptop, after all, is officially in rebellion and is being whipped into submission by Geeksquad until Thursday. 🙂

Geeksquad Anyone?


The first time I saw someone with a Geeksquad shirt on, it was one of my best guy friends-Josh.  He wasn't
really a geek, but I liked to call him a nerd, so I thought the shirt fit so well!  It took me a couple years to actually catch on that Geeksquad was a real thing.  And it's this week that I'm coming to full terms with this squad…my computer has been (for lack of a better way of saying it) acting funky.  It's been sad and it's kept me on the edge of my seat…praying over this portable know-it-all machine that offers convenience any time I want.  (Hmmm…I could actually add this to my last post's list right now.)

My sad little computer needs to go into the Geeksquad computer hospital, so I bought a portable hard drive to backup my major files and although it took awhile, I think I'm almost done.  Needless to say…this has taken quite awhile:)

So, Geeksquad, here I come!

Remind Me Again?

So often I've heard this saying, that God cares more about my character than my comfort.  I say it myself, and in all reality, i actually believe it!  It's not that God doesn't ever want us to be comfortable, but He's simply more aware of the fact that the things that will shape our character happen to be the things that sharpen us…I can't imagine any tool that needs to be sharpened thoroughly enjoying that process-right? 

But honestly, in moments like the present I just kinda wish God didn't care so much.  Well, deep down I don't wish that, but on the surface I pretty much do.  There's about a million things that are uncomfortable right now…a couple relationships, my job (hopefully this will change?), some uncertainties, some tensions I don't feel like dealing with…they're all JUST HARD!  Plus, it's the end of the school year and there's a ton of stress that dwells in the last couple weeks of school.

So, I think I need someone to remind me again…why does God care more about my character than my comfort?  Oh, right…because He wants me to continue to grow.  Does it all have to come at one time though?  :-)  Seriously…Well, Father knows best.  I choose to trust Him. 

On a completely different note…Barak anyone?

Missing People

There are a ton of people that I've known in my 28 years of life, but
there are only certain people that I actually miss when they're not
there.  Some people are in your life for a season and some are in your life for a long time…and others forever!

In a few weeks, I'll be traveling to Minneapolis to see a couple of my BFF's.  One is pregnant and another just had a baby.  How fun! 

My family is obviously on that list of people that I miss often.

Some friends from home (especially those that I actually stay in contact with…and who read my blog-love you Claude!:)

A few former students…

Some friends from college (I thought I'd never be able to get over missing so many people from this particular stage in life…but somehow life actually does move on!)

There's friends in my everyday life that I'm used to seeing or talking to regularly each day, or each week (like my Lifegroup friends), and when those connections don't happen…I miss them! 

There are times when I'm not spending so much time with Jesus and I miss Him too. 

Missing people can be tough.