Martha Stewart

Would you believe me if I told you that I saw Martha Stewart today?  Me neither.

There have been so many things pounding in my heart these past few days, which is a huge reason why I’ve been distracted from doing tedious things like grading papers (man, I’m like a broken record about grading papers..).  One of them involves leaving a legacy, no matter how much or how little I actually get to invest into someone’s life.  It’s often the little things that impact people.  I realize how much an email can mean to a person and how much an encouraging letter can help to confirm a person’s thoughts.

Today I got to do a little thing and I dropped someone off at a bus station-no biggie, but I was glad to do it, and I pray that Jesus was recognized as the Provider of that ride.  As I dropped this person off I looked over and saw a gentleman there that I knew!  His name is Martha Stewart.  Well, it’s really "Norm", but he doesn’t know that I know that.  🙂 

Rewind to last spring…

Martha Stewart is a guy that we met in downtown Royal Oak (right about now, Anne Marie is cracking up).  He always tried to play mind games with us and was adament about not going to church…Until about April 15 of last year.  I remember talking to him the night before The Oaks launched their first service on Easter.  He was telling us that he’d give it a shot…once.  I recall praying that after simply tasting the sweet presence of God, he would crave it. 

The next morning I got to attend their very first gathering.  I walked in a couple minutes late, looked to my left and saw him sitting there.  So I sat with him.  My heart was pounding the whole service because the day had finally arrived for The Oaks to be there.  It was so great!  I loved it that I got to sit with someone that I’d been investing prayer and conversation into.

Fast forward to this afternoon at the bus station…

I was in the driver’s seat, so I put my window down to say, "Hi."  He came over and I asked him if he was still going to The Oaks.  He said that he was and that he loved it-that it was great…he even proceeded to invite me!  (Nothing could’ve blessed my heart more than that!)  I wasn’t sure that he remembered me, but he totally did.  I said that I was really involved at…and then he finished my sentence…"the King church".  I said, "Yes." 🙂  I told him that I was due for a visit to The Oaks again soon and that I would see him there.  I asked him how God was blessing his life and then he talked for about a minute….

Nostalgia set-in.  I was nostalgic of being a part of sending The Oaks. I miss it.  I want to do it again.  I want to see more lives like his changed around Metro Detroit.  The next church plant that happens won’t look exactly like The Oaks, if at all, but I’m okay with that.  It was a great feeling, seeing a result of one life that’s being changed (for we are not changed once, but we’re continually being changed).  Honestly, I don’t know exactly where he’s at right now.  But from what I saw I definitely saw a different person.

In the little things like notes, conversations, persistence, car rides…God uses us.  That makes me happy.  As for what’s going on at The Oaks…Chris, Nicki, Carrie, Richie, Anne Marie, Matt…you guys (and several otheres) are my heroes for going.  I’m privileged that my heart has been invested. 

Heart investments leave legacies…

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