Loving My New Home:)

Ah!  I have so, so many things that I'm loving about my new home, from my new roommates, to the house I'm living in, to the city of DC, and to the town of Alexandria.  This place is everything that I want!  I'm not really sure where to begin, so for the moment I will just share this place that I visited tonight with one of my roommates, Kristy.  http://www.stelmoscoffeepub.com/index.php   So far it's one of my favorite things, and if you actually check out the website, you can see why.  It's quaint, adorable, fun, creative, diverse in different ways…and it's a fun, neighborhood coffee shop!  Every Thursday night there's this little "big band" style group of guys that play, from 7-10pm.  They're stinkin' adorable!  And there's a bunch of older people that are there to hear them…Kristy and I were definitely the youngest ones there in that half of the shop.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it here!  Friends, come visit!  You'll love it too:)