My 10,000th Day

For the past year I’ve looked forward to this day.  I’ve thought about what I would do to celebrate.  So here I am and what I am doing?  No, I’m not at Caribou, but I am about to grade papers.  🙂 

I actually kind of forgot about it today, until I was at Curves getting measured (of all things).  All of a sudden I bursted out to the lady there, "I’m 10,000 days old today!!"  She said, "Oh, well Happy Birthday!"  I told her it wasn’t my birthday, and that I was just 10,000 days old.  She just laughed.

This morning I got to pray with some friends, and that was a great thing to do on such a special day.  After that…nothin’ special.  Maybe if I get my work done I can do something to celebrate.  I’ve gotta admit that I’m a little disappointed in myself…

"So, self, I’m sorry for not doing much to celebrate this landmark day."

I guess if I could do something to salvage this moment I could simply express 10,000 THANK YOU’S to the people in my life who mean so much in my life.  And even more THANK YOU’S to Jesus for saving me by His amazing grace…and everthing else He’s done in my life.:)

3 thoughts on “My 10,000th Day

  1. Happy 10,000, Kimberly! Maybe you could type 10,000 letters on a blog post? I was going to start to count how many you had and then I decided that was one undertaking I wasn’t ready to jump on. I hope you enjoy a lovely night with lots of good grades. Still praying for you and your family in this season!


  2. Happy 10,000th! Way to go!
    Are you all gonna just stick to the Celebration of your 10,000th day?
    I hope that you will celebrate your 20,000th, 30,000th, and so on. EVERYDAY should be a celebration.


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