Breaking the Silence

Okay, enough with the "not-really-blogging" posts…and the 3 1/2 week silence. 

I once read on someone’s blog that if she didn’t blog about it, it was like it never happened!  I have to admit that sometimes I kinda feel like that.  The past few weeks have left me pretty sick.  Like, I’m okay now, but I had this cough that wouldn’t quit and it wore me out.  But I couldn’t really gather my thoughts into an organize fashion enough to post anything halfway decent. 

Some things that I may blog on soon:  Career Day (from a few weeks ago…hilarious), bittersweet Sixers/Pistons game and my brother’s accusations about my part in it, Teacher Appreciation Week, to use plastics in the kitchen, or not…an interview with Emily Gocke, our field trip to Earthworks, my love affair with asparagus…cooked by none other than my awesome roommate, Jen, my pastor’s modeling shoot.

Stay tuned!