I just had a conversation with Maeve.  She’s one of my all-time favorites students.  I could write several posts about her, but for now, just one. 🙂

She said something that was hurtful to another student-her friend.  When I heard that she’d said it, I almost didn’t believe it…but unfortunately it was true.  When confronted, Maeve’s eyes started welling up.  9.9 times out of 10, my students don’t feel too that bad about hurting someone’s feelings.  I usually have to help them see how wrong they were.  Not so with this one! 

I know what you’re thinking.  She just started crying because she was caught.  She didn’t actually feel bad!  You couldn’t be more wrong.  Maeve walks with such an extreme amount of conviction in her life that it’s almost shameful to most Christians I know.  She asked for forgiveness but the girl wouldn’t say anything.  The girl was really hurt and despite Maeve’s pleading, she simply wouldn’t say anything to her.  Can’t force someone to forgive though…But thankfully she’s a Christian who attends church, and I plan on talking with her about forgiveness more later on.  For now I’ll just pray for her broken heart, because this has clearly happened more than once.

Maeve really gets me though!  As I’m sure I’ll write about later on, she’s a studnet that I see myself knowing years from now.  We’ll always stay in touch, I can tell.  I want God to use me to seriously impact her life, and I’m praying about how to do that in a public school setting.  He’s got His hand on her life and the fact that I get to be her teacher confirms that all the more.  I pray that the Holy Spirit would rain down His conviction in her heart, that she would turn to Him completely.

I may not be the best teacher, and I may hate grading papers, but man, I really love what I get to do in this moment of life.  🙂

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