My Young Friends

Recently, I've developed some fun friendships with a group of people that are quite a bit younger than me.  For the most part, I don't really notice it…until conversations occur, in which they're making statements like, "Well, I'll definitely want to be married by the time I'm 26!"  Yea, I suddenly have to use the restroom at moments like that.  lol  But, really, more than anything, they bring back happy moments of being in college, which has been worth the few awkward conversations that I've dealt with. 🙂

Last week we all "did work" at a coffee shop!  I actually had school work to do, and one person is in college and had work to do.  Others had things to read up on, or fundraising to manage…one watched Grey's Anatomy on her laptop.  We really did work, although I was deeply reminded of the conversations I would have in college where it would go something like this…

Kim-"Hey, wanna go do some homework at Caribou?"
Good Friend-"Yeah, that'd be awesome!…Wait, Kim, I actually have to get this done tonight though…we can't talk the whole time…"
Kim-"Oh, yeah, me too!  I'll be good, I promise…"
GF-"Promise?  I really have to finish TONIGHT!"
Kim-"What are you trying to say, Good Friend?  Are you accusing me of talking too much?  Of enjoying conversation with good friends too much?  Huh?  HUh?"

(well, the last part wasn't accurate, but the rest of it could've been a broken record all throughout college…)

Being a young twenty verses an almost thirty is quite different when it comes to stages in life…unless you're all single…then apparently it's not too much different if it's the right people (so I've learned).  It's nice -they keep me and my gray hairs young:)  (I even WENT OUT at 9:30 last night, and stayed out until 12:30, just to hang at IHOP…which has become out of character for me lol) I love what they bring to my life at this time.  Hopefully I have a little bit of single-twenties-life-wisdom to share with them in return.  lol  I try…


Nope, I'm not talking about the current Halloween season.  I'm talking about the fact that I just updated my "status" on Facebook, and within the minute, 1 person texted me about it and another person commented on my status on the site.

Neither person creeps me out, and in general, Facebook doesn't creep me out, but the fact that seconds after I write something, it's all over the place blows my mind a little…So weird. lol

50 Kids in my Class

My friend at work was out yesterday because he went to visit his buddy in Virginia.  He has a big classroom right next to mine, and as it happens, a sub couldn't come for him.  So guess who got his class!!!  Yep!  You guessed it.  I had 50 kids in my care all day yesterday, with the exception of about an hour. 🙂

As chaotic as that may sound, it actually ended up being a great day.  I decided that because this was such a big feat, I would share it with as many people as possible.  So there.  =-D