Rainy Days Off

I know it’s hard for others to hear, but I have a few days to burn before the end of our fiscal year at TNTP. That’s even with knowing I will roll over five of them. So I take a day off here and there. I’ve never mastered the art of taking a vacation as an adult.

It’s an issue.

Some days, like today, I have great intentions to take a whole day and then end up needing to work anyway so I only clock a half day. It is what it is, and maybe someday I’ll have a husband who will take me on adventures and give me a real reason to take a vacation.

My intentions today were to head up to Brooklyn a day early to visit Lady Liberty and her island. But scattered thunderstorms derailed my plans. As a co-organizer of a work event, the hotel is giving me a presidential suite. I’m feeling a tad spoiled and although I could’ve still gone up today to enjoy that for one more night, I chose to sleep with this furball one more night.

Yes. It’s 2:30 pm and we’re still in bed. ❤️ #thisneverhappens #ipromise #sodrearyoutside #hesleepsinmorethanido