Okay, now I know that I’m getting older, because a good friend of mine just turned 40!  One of my best friends at Hanley, who is kinda like a big brother to me, just turned 40 on Wednesday.  To celebrate his birthday, his girlfriend, April threw him a surprise birthday party tonight.  It was an honor to be one of few invited. 

Once Tony arrived, he walked back out ’cause he was bawling-so surprised and so honored!  It was really, really precious.  April had everyone there (about 15 of us) get up and say something to Tony.  That was great to be apart of…and again, more tears:)  A few people were mentioning different things like, "Oh, I can’t wait until Tony and April make their relationship ‘more official’ and make me some nieces and nephews," and "All I want is for my baby boy to get married…"  I was beginning to think that they were making things awfully uncomfortable for the both of them, since they aren’t weren’t engaged!  Well, after we were all done speaking love and friendship over Tony, he got up…
April_2008_081…and said some very nice things to April.  Then he said, "Mom, I’m going to make your wish come true…"  At that point he reached inside his jacket (a few of us gently screamed in that moment:) and he pulled out a white box. …and then he got down on his knee.  Oh my word…I had never before witnessed a marriage proposal…it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  I’m completely beside myself, and so giddy!

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love LOVE.  Blessed by Jesus, it’s so fantastic!  In God’s timing I’ll have the opportunity to experience that…perfect timing, of course.  In the meanwhile, this seemingly long while, I will enjoy the joy of others whenever I get the chance to!

So, yay!  Tony and April, I am so, so excited for you!!!!

(click on the picture to the right to zoom in on that rock:)

A Haiku: No Internet @ Home

Jen and I just moved

We don’t have Internet yet

Comcast comes on Sat


Haven’t blogged in weeks

Southfield Public Library

Is where I’m at now


Can’t wait until Sat

So I can write all my thoughts

(for) Friends and strangers read


Poetry is a beautiful thing, right? 🙂

On the Edge of their Seats!

So my coach, Susan, mentioned this book called Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke to my class, right before Christmas break.  I’d never heard of the book before, but she told my class that I would spend some time over my break to go buy the book so I could read it to them.  (How thoughtful of her!:)  Well, because I tend to like most of the things Susan suggests to me, I decided to do just that, and I purchased this (somewhat) enormous little novel to read to my kids.  It’s deeply rich red cover is kind of inviting anyway.  Of course, after I bought it I realized that she’d already ordered it for my classroom…we just didn’t realize it!  But oh well, one can never have too many books in a classroom…especially a teacher like me!Inkheart

By the way that she talked about the book, I was kind of antsy to get started on it, but I waited until the day we went back to begin reading it.  Everyday, now, I go to open this book and my kids’ little patoots are on the edge of their little seats!  This book is so fantastic that I can literally stop at suspenseful moments and pretend like I’m going to stop reading, every few pages if I wanted to!  And when I do stop…oh the groaning and pleading that happens!  It certainly tickles my funny bone in special ways, and as a teacher, I love that they love it when I read to them.  Reading to kids causes their own hunger for reading to increase dramatically, because they realize just how much fun it can be!  There’s no reason why they can’t steal away into their own little bookworm world on their own, outside of the classroom too! 

I would recommend Inkheart, but with supervision, and censoring if you so desire.  It has some slightly vulgar language during certain parts, but because I’m reading it to my class, I don’t actually say those words.  Plus, I have a couple boys who are reading it in my class, and they’re the ones that pointed the words out to me.  It was a great teachable moment to say, "You know, sometimes we come across things that we know are inappropriate for us to say or express, and we have to decide what we’re going to do with them.  What do you think?  Would you have the right to speak like that in class, just because I let you read a book that says that?…Right…so we have choices to make!  That’s all." 

Oh, and great news!  Next winter, Inkheart the movie will come out!  But if you are a reader, then please, please read the book before then.  While the movie looks good, I can already tell that the book will absolutely be better than the movie.  One more thing…this is the first of a trilogy of good vs. evil fantasy.  (Can’t wait to finish so I can read the next one!)

No Quiero Margaritas


This is Casey.


                                                                               This is Casey after having bad food at Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant, on Woodward, yesterday.

Casey missed me, so I took him out for lunch!  I should’ve stuck with my gut to take him to Q’doba…there’s nothing bad there!  But no…I decided a real, sit-down restaurant should do!  So we went there and ordered chicken quesadillas.  Approximately 1.5 minutes later (I figure this must’ve been the amount of time to put the stuff together and nuke it in the microwave) we got our rather disgusting meal…which I stupidly paid for without saying anything.  (Bad Kim!)  So we left and went to Quizno’s and had some decent food…:)

Would I recommend Margarita’s?  Perhaps…but definitely not the quesadillas…and I probably won’t return.

***As Katie pointed out…Casey looks exactly the same in both pictures, even though he’s happy in one picture and disappointed in the other.  It reminds me of that Far Side comic that has several copies of a dog face and under each face it says all different emotions like…happy, angry, sad, disappointed…etc.

My Mother-the Texting Expert

I’m so proud of my mom-she’s finally taken on texting!  When I was home for Christmas I took my parentsMotorolarazrv3cg
to T-Mobile for the three of us to get new cell phones.  My battery wouldn’t last more than 30 minutes on a call, and it was a miracle that my dad’s phone even worked…with all the cracks from dropping it all the time! 🙂  They just kept putting if off, to get new phones, but since I was going to go, I dragged them along and got them phones too.

So we all left with brand new Razr phones (yes, I got the same phone I already had, because I’m happy with that one!) and proceeded to play with them throughout dinner together.  My mom had sent a few text messages before, but now that she has this new Razr, she’s doing it all the time!  It’s great!  Mom has entered my world of communication:)

Monthly Marathon

In pursuit (again) of being healthier…I’ve been inspired to complete a marathon a month.  Don’t worry, I haven’t gone off the deep end and gone crazy…

Over the course of a month, I will pursue walking/jogging 26.2 miles.  This should be doable, right?  Pray for me.  I’ll let you know how that goes:) 

Hey, if anyone else wants to make that goal, we could definitely pursue that goal together…if you want to add biking in there too, you can.

I’m Addicted?

Hello.  My name is Kim, and I’m addicted to Webkinz. Webkinzlilgoldret

My nephew, Robert, got for Ross, a little golden retriever Webkinz for Christmas…and I love him for it!…because I’ve been playing with it for hours now…I know, I know, that’s ridiculous, but it’s actually true.

I’ve never understood what the deal is with the WK craze, but I get it now.  Good grief, if I like it so much now, I can’t imagine if I were 8!  You get to play games to "earn WK money", so that you can dec out the dog’s room with cool flooring, wallpaper, a flat screen TV (everything I want to do in real life, but can’t afford to!).  You can buy him food and clothes (cute clothes!) and fun stuff to play with.  You can add to his little apartment, like an outside area with a garden…it’s fantastic! 

So I’ve lived my life vicariously through Buddy, the dog, for the last couple of hours, and while that’s kind of odd…it was great to feel like a kid again:)