I’m Addicted?

Hello.  My name is Kim, and I’m addicted to Webkinz. Webkinzlilgoldret

My nephew, Robert, got for Ross, a little golden retriever Webkinz for Christmas…and I love him for it!…because I’ve been playing with it for hours now…I know, I know, that’s ridiculous, but it’s actually true.

I’ve never understood what the deal is with the WK craze, but I get it now.  Good grief, if I like it so much now, I can’t imagine if I were 8!  You get to play games to "earn WK money", so that you can dec out the dog’s room with cool flooring, wallpaper, a flat screen TV (everything I want to do in real life, but can’t afford to!).  You can buy him food and clothes (cute clothes!) and fun stuff to play with.  You can add to his little apartment, like an outside area with a garden…it’s fantastic! 

So I’ve lived my life vicariously through Buddy, the dog, for the last couple of hours, and while that’s kind of odd…it was great to feel like a kid again:)

4 thoughts on “I’m Addicted?

  1. Funny! My class has been begging me to get a class pet and I decided that I think I’ll get a webkinz for us all to share! Our mascot is the Husky, so I thought maybe I could find a Husky when I out and about:)


  2. jr says:

    careful, Kimmy, online rpg’s (or any online games) can be very addicting… I know firsthand! At first it seems innocent enough by telling yourself, “I’ll only take a few spare minutes.” Then minutes turns into hours, then hours into days, then next you realize your hair grew a whole inch and you don’t know what day it is. Then snow on the ground turns into flowers then into fallen leaves. You wonder, “Where has all this time gone”, but it’s really no concern because you’re ranked 2nd in the game and if you stop now, you’ll never make the gold. Then mail starts to stack up and the phone calls keep ringing, and then your neighbors wonder what’s going on because a police officer is at your ready to evict you. Well, it’s not that extreme, but it can happen. A key to stuff like that is a set time limit. šŸ™‚ I’m sure you’re a responsible enough adult. Peace out!


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