No Quiero Margaritas


This is Casey.


                                                                               This is Casey after having bad food at Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant, on Woodward, yesterday.

Casey missed me, so I took him out for lunch!  I should’ve stuck with my gut to take him to Q’doba…there’s nothing bad there!  But no…I decided a real, sit-down restaurant should do!  So we went there and ordered chicken quesadillas.  Approximately 1.5 minutes later (I figure this must’ve been the amount of time to put the stuff together and nuke it in the microwave) we got our rather disgusting meal…which I stupidly paid for without saying anything.  (Bad Kim!)  So we left and went to Quizno’s and had some decent food…:)

Would I recommend Margarita’s?  Perhaps…but definitely not the quesadillas…and I probably won’t return.

***As Katie pointed out…Casey looks exactly the same in both pictures, even though he’s happy in one picture and disappointed in the other.  It reminds me of that Far Side comic that has several copies of a dog face and under each face it says all different emotions like…happy, angry, sad, disappointed…etc.

2 thoughts on “No Quiero Margaritas

  1. He looks the same. I would challenge you to find a picture where he isn’t making that face.
    I’ve eaten at Margarita’s a few times… it’s OK. Maybe the meals are better than the quesadillas. The Mexican place in downtown RO is reallly good.


  2. Oh Kimmy, I’m sorry that you and Casey didn’t have a great experience at Margarita’s. I actually ate there a number of years ago with some colleagues and we all ended up quite sick. Needless to say I’ve never returned, but some other friends of mine have tried it a bit more recently, their visits ending just as mine did.:( Kind of makes me wonder how they stay in business…but perhaps these were just crazy, uncanny coincidences.


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