My Mother-the Texting Expert

I’m so proud of my mom-she’s finally taken on texting!  When I was home for Christmas I took my parentsMotorolarazrv3cg
to T-Mobile for the three of us to get new cell phones.  My battery wouldn’t last more than 30 minutes on a call, and it was a miracle that my dad’s phone even worked…with all the cracks from dropping it all the time! 🙂  They just kept putting if off, to get new phones, but since I was going to go, I dragged them along and got them phones too.

So we all left with brand new Razr phones (yes, I got the same phone I already had, because I’m happy with that one!) and proceeded to play with them throughout dinner together.  My mom had sent a few text messages before, but now that she has this new Razr, she’s doing it all the time!  It’s great!  Mom has entered my world of communication:)

2 thoughts on “My Mother-the Texting Expert

  1. dad says:

    ….and dear dad lives on in the dark ages….he still has not sent his first text message…albeit his new tech phone and he is amazed that Mom has taken on the challenge to advance her tech knowledge!!


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