I Heart Google

I often say that Google really should pay me for how much I love it.  Once I entered the land of Gmail, I was lost in techno love and have since tried to convince everyone to get their very own, free, way organized, stinkin' cool email account with it!  Successfully I've actually gotten people to convert.  I almost lose respect for people that still use hotmail (lol…just kidding, well, kinda:) 

Anyway, last night at my Lifegroup, I learned of yet another thing that makes Google cool in my eyes.  Well, perhaps it just makes me laugh, but it's kind of a cool thought.  Blackgle isn't an actual website (unbeknownst to the person who told me about it)…it's a blogspot blog that supposedly saves energy by having a black screen instead of a white screen.  It's got a Google search engine and…well…you can check it out here.  And you can read more about it on my friend Sarah's blog…cause she wrote about it first. 🙂

4 thoughts on “I Heart Google

  1. Claudia says:

    I’m gaga for google too!! In my family I’m the google queen…I told my sisters I’m going to answer the phone “hello, directory assistance, how can I help you?”! …hee hee!!


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