School’s Out. Summer. Dirt.

Do you know the tension between being "ready for summer" and "wishing it wasn't so dang hot outside"?  That's me right now.  I'm PUMPED that school has let out for a couple months…but this heat-whew!  I think I just heard that it was like 90 degrees outside…

My classroom is in the basement and, well, it's filthy down there.  Dirt just seems to seep up through the tiles and down through the ceiling tiles.  And the windows don't open.  Well, one does, but I can't reach it:)  I've got an air conditioner, but the power breaker connected to this room overheats pretty easily, so every 20 minutes that it's on, everything in my room goes out. LOL.  It can be frustrating, but it is actually humorous at times.  Plus, my keyboard buttons are all sticky:)  Oh dear…

My room looks like a pig sty (what's new?) and I thankfully just found out that I can leave some stuff here over the next month or so since I'll be doing the academic portion of our b-ball camp.  For this, I'm blessed on so many levels.

So I decided to just sit here…dirty, sweaty and listening to the radio…typing away…my laptop, after all, is officially in rebellion and is being whipped into submission by Geeksquad until Thursday. 🙂

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