Memory Lane…I-94West


Since yesterday around 11.30am, I've traveled approximately 700 miles down memory lane…a little road I like to call Interstate 94 West.  

I'm currently at my BFF's house in Minnesota, typing my post, not only on a mac for the first time ever, but looking at a screen that's wider than my living room tv and more than half the height of it. πŸ™‚ Hilarious.  Plus, I'm sitting next to their basement recording studio-thing.  Wow…it's a cool setup!  

But that's neither here, nor there.  I'm staying at my friend's house (whom I've missed dearly) and we just got to hang out for a couple hours…which was so, so great.  She's got a cute little prego belly on her, which is also so, so great!  

To get here, I did have to travel on 94 West for 700 miles though, and when I entered the Twins Cities, my heart started to beat quite quickly.  I certainly don't wish that I was back in college-life right now is amazing!  Oh, but stepping back into my past this evening was sort of unreal to me. 

I drove over to North Central to see my good friend, Ginger (picture to come), her husband, Juice, and to meet their daughter Kallie.  Wow…just driving down Elliot Avenue almost made my cry.  Memories just started flooding my heart and I felt overwhelmed.  Then seeing Ginger, and reminiscing, made me laugh hard and recall how God blessed my college years in countless ways.  I remember thinking that life just couldn't get any better.  

Somehow it did and I get to live life with amazing people, minister with amazing people, and serve amazing people in Metro Detroit.  My college years were the best…for then…and my life right now is the best…for now.  And someday (someday) when I'm married and have a kid or two of my own, life will be the best…for then all over again.

My trip down memory lane has only begun, and I'm ecstatic to continue tomorrow…but how fun that God has been creating new memories for my lane to continue, and He'll continue that journey throughout the rest of my life.  

Life certainly didn't end after high school.  It certainly didn't end after college, It's not going to end when I turn thirty…it's not even going to end when I get married!  =)  But neither did it begin at any of those ventures.  Life is happening NOW.  I need to remember to live the life that God has me in NOW.  

3 thoughts on “Memory Lane…I-94West

  1. Claudia says:

    So true Kim. God wants us to not live in the past, whether there were successes or failures or both, or in the future concerning ourselves with whether there will be more successes than failures or vice versa, but He wants us to live in the NOW where He is!! The girl I knew is now becoming a very wise woman!!
    Love you and please give Jen a big hug and kiss from me even though I just saw her last week!!! Enjoy every moment together:)


  2. Mike Kelliher says:

    Kim – that’s hilarious – the trip to MN! – btw – marc’s blog is
    I think he has some mention of his new church – I don’t know if they have a web site yet. Hope this helps.
    In Christ,
    Mike & Pat Kelliher


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