Girls B-Ball Tournament

So I’ve never really been all that into sports.  I never really hated watching them, but I’ve just never been
too into them…especially middle school sports (which is like, a whole new realm of sports:).

Over a month ago I was asked to take pictures at one of our middle school girls’ basketball games.  Then my smooth Athletic Director friend, Tony, got me to do concessions at a few of the games.  It was during these times that I was reminded how much I loved teenagers…which lead me right up to the girls’ b-ball tournament today.  Their first game was at 8am and then they didn’t play again until 3pm….it was a long day, and full of losses.  But I was the only teacher that came, beyondIst2_4358818_nothing_but_net their coach and 2 administrators.  I only really knew one of the girls on the team beyond "Hello" so I felt like it was funny that I was beginning to really love these girls.  Then today I got to hang out with them a little bit…and they really liked having me there!  (well some of them did:)  I had the opportunity to take some teachable moments with a couple of them, and they really cliqued with me…which was really surprising to me. 

I could never teach middle school (God bless MS teachers), but I realized today that I can still invest in their lives.  It is tough being 12, after all:)

One thought on “Girls B-Ball Tournament

  1. Ahhhh! The joy of teenagers! They are sometimes the best to interact with and to engage in healthy conversations! They are just straight out fun!
    I am looking at doing a reunion for all my ymca teens that I took to COTK’s outreaches. I miss them!
    I hope you are doing well! 🙂


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