Grab a cup of coffee…

…this turned out to a be long post for me.  It started yesterday and got finished tonight.

I’ve been making a list, and checking it twice…but trust me, this has nothing to do with Christmas presents.

What I’m thinking about, though, is my list for the new year.  A couple of my blogging friends have already posted their resolutions for the new year…all while I watched my last round of 24.Season 5.  (Are you surprised?)  This doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been on my mind or that all I think about is 24-really, it isn’t.

The other I told a friend that I wasn’t sure of too many goals for this year.  After thinking more about this, perhaps I have overlooked the significance of some things God’s been working on in me and the part that they’ll play in my life this year. 

368 days ago God used a sermon to begin a revolution in my life.  Throughout the course of one year I have experienced a defined character upheaval.  My year ended on Sunday with a reminder of something huge that I learned this past year…God’s more concerned with my character than my comfort.  As painful as that may be at times, the journey has been worth it.  It’s not over though, as I feel like my race has only begun. 

Really, last year I didn’t make resolutions-I simply asked God to change me.  Since that worked better, I think I’ll repeat that one act.  God, please change me.  One of the things that I ask Him to change in me is my motivation to act upon goals though:)  Somehow this is turning topsy turvy on me…

As a continuation of change in 2006, I want to continue in upping the health-factor of my body.  If my heart has to take up rent while here on earth, as the landlord of this flesh, I should make it worth it’s while to stay here!  Tonight Phil said that Jesus transforms us on the inside and it shows on the outside.  Preach it, little brother!  I’m going to be adamant about my workout and running routine each week-you know, stick with it.  After all, I am training to run 2 5K’s and a 10K this year.  (Praise God!)  Today I even got my principal, the PE teacher and another teacher in on a physical fitness thing we’re going to do at school, ending with a 5K to raise money for something, in May.  I’m pumped.  I’m definitely in way over my head-so thankful God’s bigger than that.

I started my Bible reading plan to read the Bible in chronological order in a year (thanks for the Bible, Dad:) and realized that I’ve never read the Bible in a year before!  This actually amazes me because it’s not even that much reading a day.  I’m already seeing that this may have to be upped for next year.  As I’ve been reading I’ve already been able to see that I am going to be challenged in my faith this year.  I can see that I’m going to wrestle with my faith over things I’ve never felt the need to touch.  Honestly, it scared me a little at first.  But then God reminded me of my desire to grow and be stretched.  Here we go for another ride! 

My prayer life will increase as I continue to address my need for more of Him.  I have a gut feeling that He will continue to strip away from me.  Perhaps it will be common knowledge about things I’ve always thought about but never truly believed…I don’t know.  This goes hand-in-hand with the whole "wrestling with my faith" thing.

I want to invest in people more.  Because I find that a natural thing for me to do, I tend to actually forget about it sometimes and discontinue being intentional about it.  That needs to go, for sure.

This post has turned into a real-life conversation with me, where I say a lot of things, mostly connected somehow, and neverending…sorry:)

Have a memorable year!  I can hardly see past tomorrow morning (which is quickly approaching), but it’s going to be a great one for me……….

Oh yeah, and one more thing…January 27 is my 10,000th day!  What should I do to celebrate?  A party with 10,000 guests?  Do 10,000 sit-ups?  Watch 10,000 hours of 24?…yeah, that doesn’t even make sense.  Help!  Whatever I do, it should be something that I can’t do on my own.  Life’s more fun with other people.

4 thoughts on “Grab a cup of coffee…

  1. Happy 10,000th day!
    Take 10,000 shots on the b-ball court. I could round up all the lunch time b-ball players at the Y! 🙂
    Or 10,000 “I Love You’s” or “I Care About You’s” You could change many many people by starting that domino effect.


  2. KT-the six-pack that follows 10,000 sit ups is the celebration:) i wouldn’t be able to move for 10,000 hours though, after that.
    AM-b-ball sounds fun! i was trying to figure out how to incorporate a jog out of this somehow…


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