Excellent Christmas!

I have to admit that this past week, spent with my family, was the best ever.  It doesn’t completely make sense, knowing that Mom and Dad were both sick about half the time, Ross got really sick, and my last night and day, I was sick.  On top of that, my grandma isn’t doin’ so great and I didn’t get together with my old friends like I was supposed to.  And, I lost at Cranium-you know this is huge for me to admit.  It wasn’t my fault though.  My brother, Dave, and I don’t think alike enough to do well on a team together. 


Img_5470-we had some great conversations!

-the EAGLES beat the COWBOYS!!!  (my dad had to drag himself out of bed on Christmas Day for
that one, because he was sick)

-i got almost everything on my wish list (superficial and unsuperficial!)

-i got to hang out with Todd and Tiffany twice (don’t get to see them much)

-i got to see my grandma (pray with her, for probably the last time)

-i confirmed that i am doing the right thing by not spending money on cable…because there still isn’t hardly anything worth watching on that most of the time

Robert told me that I looked better than when he saw me at Thanksgiving

-He looked so adorable and teenage-like in his little American Eagle outfit (i can’t believe i love this kid
more now than i did 11 years ago when he was born)

-Robbie (the cat) didn’t hiss at me the whole time I was there…just some of the time

**Side story-Stephanie, back when she was just dating Dave, ended up with a cute little kitten and decided to be smooth and named the cat, "Robert David Burton III"-Dave is a Jr, while my dad is a Sr.  Initially she thought the cat was a male, but later found out it was a female.  Later, when they were married and had their first baby, they named him…you guessed it!-Robert David Burton III.  My friends kept asking why they named the baby after the cat. πŸ™‚Img_5411

Ryder laughed hysterically when I gave him an eskimo kiss one night (this is him with his Uncle Todd)

Ross asked me to stay with him because of the "noises" in the house-so precImg_5345ious

-he also had a priceless look on his face when he opened the stack of books I gave him for Christmas


-With tears in his eyes, my dad said, "…And i’m just so proud of all my kids.  They’re all married to great spouses…"  We also had tears in our eyes and completely cracked up.  (If you don’t get it, read it again and think about it…I’m not married yet.  Perhaps he was speaking in faithπŸ™‚

-$50 in gift cards to Caribou πŸ™‚

-I found out that Dave, Steph and the family are staying in Chicago!  I’m so glad they’re not moving to Texas.Img_5488

-Robert got this cup-stacking game and we all had fun trying to figure it out

A long time ago I had the opportunity to learn that Christmas wasn’t all about getting presents, and it’s not even all about giving presents either.  I feel like a broken record to say that Christmas is all about Jesus, but it’s true.  It’s even more than that though…It’s about Who Jesus is, What He came to do, How he came to do it and the Power that He brought into this world for people to change!  I think that was it for me this Christmas.  One of the things I really wanted for Christmas was for God to show me the things He’s doing, not only in my life, but in the lives of my family members.  He did that for me this week, and it was fabulous!….the best Christmas ever!

3 thoughts on “Excellent Christmas!

  1. Dad says:

    It WAS the best Chrsitmas ever and that is because you helped make it the best. Mom and I enjoyed every minute and the week went much too fast. We love and miss you already Kimmy.
    dad and mom


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