Class 4A

I may not be a mom yet, but I’ve got 24 kids!  My nephew, Ross, gets very confused by this thought.

Today my boss was trying to entice me to do something with a comp day-a free day!  I said that I probably wouldn’t use it.  I have 8 days to still take this year and I’ve never used all my days in a year of teaching.  She whispered to the person next to her, "Burton, can’t take days off because it’d be on her conscience…she loves her kids too much."  I made a silly face and said that it was true…I absolutely love my class this year!

Above and beyond the fact that enjoying my kids is great enough, my boss knows it!  While I know my priority is to please God, I have to admit that it’s kind of nice to be noticed by my boss too.  Praise God for His undying love and for the love that He allows to flow through me.  Sure can’t love people on my own!

**I’ve included my students in my enjoyment of 24.  They’re so funny about it.  This morning, Tylan brought me a post-it note with the new season information on it.  He was watching TV last night and thought of me…wanted to make sure that I was informed;)

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