Jingle Bells

Friends are so great!  This past Sunday night I got to hang out with
some of my coolest friends-and I even got to make a new friend in the
process.  We had our annual CotK Christmas Challenge and our team was
"Jingle Bells".  We did a picture scavenger hunt around Southfield and
our team didn’t do too bad-we came in 3rd place.  We definitely had a
blast though.  Here’s a recap:

Christy, Mark and Chris-sportin’ Michigan State gear (good thing Mark had his State hat with him…even though he goes to UMD)


Here we have Brad, Eddie, me, Andrea and Mark-with 12 reindeer When I first saw this picture I
though, "Wow, I’m really short!"  Then I realized that I was crouching down for some reason.  Perhaps I thought my head would be cut off if I didn’t.



Jason and Richie are "on Santa’s lap"…I’m not sure if actually got points for this one.


                                                  Richie, Andrea, Christy and Katie-all piled in (and ON) a buggy…otherwise known as a "shopping cart", outside of the Metro Detroit area


Mark, Jason, me and Brad-we’re standing in a puddle…really, we are.  I’m not sure why I was making
that face-probably telling someone how to use my camera:)


This is everyone on our team except Andrea, who took the picture.  If you look closely, Brad’s the baby Jesus, Chris is a sheep, Christy, Mark and I are wisemen, KT is Mary (or is Eddie, Mary?)  I think Richie and Jason are shepherds. 

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus just sits in  Heaven and laughs at us, with the crazy things we do.  🙂 He’s up there sayin’, "Yep, that looks just like what happened!  Hehehehehe, those are my silly kids."


Here we are at the after-party-me and my Khalil…those cheeks!

What an incredible and memorable night spent with some of my favorite people!  Thanks for a great time!

****My disclaimer-I’m sorry the captions don’t line up with the pictures too well.  I have had to reformat this thing over and over again for the past 20 minutes (aka-way too much time to spend on this:)  Maybe God’s trying to teach me something about my desire for perfection?

3 thoughts on “Jingle Bells

  1. Kim, I don’t think we call them “buggies” in Metro Detroit either. I grew up here… I think it was because the person writing the scavenger hunt list is Southern.


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