I Lied…

It’s confession time.  I lied today.  I’m not a liar and I hate that I did it but I couldn’t think quick enough, and to be honest, looking back now I don’t know what else I could’ve said.

We did the Secret Santa thing at work and at the end of last week we revealed ourselves.  I won’t dive into the fact that I didn’t get hardly anything on the days leading up to the "reveal" day, mostly because I had a blast giving things to the guy I was a SS to.

So on Friday my SS revealed herself to me by coming into my room and giving me my final "big" present.  She handed it toDsc02840 me and said that she hoped I liked it.  I said that I was pretty content with anything and that I’m sure I’d like it.  It was busy in my classroom, so I didn’t take the time to open the gift right then.  When I finally opened it, to my shock (and horror) I had received a bag full of Jean Nate products.  Included was a bottle of perfume, lotion, body spray and a thing of powder (w/ puff).  Powder?  Do women use that stuff?  I remember having some when I was little and I thought it was so grown up to use, but nowadays…yeah, I don’t think so.

And I won’t even mention that the perfume box had doodles all over it.  If you look closely to the upper right corner of the transparent box, you’ll see the $9.99 price tag.  Classy.

I certainly wasn’t going to wear the stuff, nor was I going to re-gift such a hideous thing.  So that night we gave it away as a white elephant gift at our Christmas party.  (Christy, I’ll be smelling you to see if you’re wearing it!)  Well, this morning the lady asked me if I liked the scent.  My reply?  Immediately I thought of a great reply…"Oh, thank you so much for the gift!"  Then I kind of turned to walk away, when she asked again, "Oh, well did you like it?"  I smiled and said, "Yeah!"  I am all for honesty, but in that moment I couldn’t think of the right words!  Perhaps I could’ve said, "It’s an interesting smell!"  But any bright person could see right through that remark.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to get me anything for Christmas, I love giftcards.  🙂

3 thoughts on “I Lied…

  1. Ah, the trauma of gift exchanges! I’m so glad you’re going to be able to come out for Emily’s wedding. That should be really fun for you. I never made it to the camp so I don’t think we’ve ever met, but maybe we will soon in the future! 🙂 Hope the rest of your week goes quickly and well and full of wonderful gift cards for you! 🙂


  2. I am dying! I cannot stop laughing. MY mom used to scold me for trying to steal her JEAN NATE’ out of her room. That stuff is wicked, unlike your gorgeous new profile pic! It’s probably not new. I am probably just LATE as USUAL!!!


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