My New Look at Bible Study

I just finished my 2 month study on the book of Isaiah, which in its 66 books has an abundance of lessons to learn.  I have been intrigued by history (although I’ve never been a great history student, remembering facts) and in reading through this book I have seen God’s presence in the past, in my present and in the future of all of us!  Bible

In my desire to understand more about different events, thoughts, prophesies, et
c. in the Bible, I have asked for a chronological Bible for Christmas.  I really, really hope I get it.:)

This past year I woke up on January 1, went to church and asked God to change specific things in my life.  Crazy things happen when we ask for change…He does it!  Well, I’m still a work-in-progress, but He’s been consistent with these changes, that’s for sure.  No longer do New Years resolutions have anything to do with who I’ve been in the past.  They have much more to do with who God is creating me to be. 

Since I was little I’ve been a Bible-reader.  I was challenged to read the Bible through in Missionettes and in JH/high school my youth pastors challenged us to stay strong in the Word.  During Bible college I not only read the Bible, but took classes on how to study the Bible.  I must be awesome at it now!  Not so.  The more I read the Bible, the more ignorant I realize I am about this holy Word of God. 

So, even before January 1, 2007, I am asking God to help me understand the Bible on a deeper level this year.  I’m praying that as I dive into the Word in this chronological order I will be able to see how different things play into each other in Scripture and in history.  I want to see those moments in Psalms when David prayed for God’s strength and then received them somewhere in 1 Samuel…you know, the cause and effect.

Looking forward to another year of life-change-although I’m honestly hoping it’s not quite as hard to walk through as this past year, but, whatever it takes.  🙂

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