Happy Feet

Nope!  I’m not talking abDirty_socksout the movie.

Here I am at Caribou (as always, working hard on a Saturday night:).  This guy comes in and sits in
the comfy chair diagonally from me, in front of the fire.  He didn’t buy anything (and he’s clearly not with anyone), so I thought for a second that that was rude.  But other than that, no big deal…until he decided to take his shoes off and put them up on the public newspaper basket (feet in the basket)!  Good night!  Where does this guy think he is? 

Just since I started writing this post, he put down his book and literally curled up on the chair…as if he’s in front of a real fire, in his own home. 

Hey, Buddy, I feel for ya if you don’t have a fireplace of your own.  I’m there with ya, but let’s just get for real here…you’re in a public coffee shop!  No one wants to see your lovely, stained socks.  We’re just not that close.

3 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. Hi Kim!
    First of all, I can’t describe how repulsive I find that man’s actions to be. It kind of makes me gag just thinking about it. So sorry that you had to live through that.
    Secondly, I just read your comment on my blog and I can’t believe what a small world it is. Emily grew up about 1 min. from me and we went to school together through much of our lives. Now she teaches at the school that’s located at my church! How cool.
    Glad you liked the song and hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I’m enjoying your blog, too! 🙂


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