Palmolive Dish Soap

Tonight I came home from church and I had to wash some dishes.  As I was washing this bowl, I thought of my brother, Todd.  He’s the brother that I look like.  🙂  I was wondering what made him pop into my head and then I took a big whiff of the palmolive dish soap that I was using and realized right away that was it.  Dsc01519

Todd’s 5 years older than me, and he’s the one that ‘trained’ me in washing dishes.  My parents have said for years that they’ve had a dishwasher…and then they’d point to me:)   Hahhahahahaah!  Hilarious!  But before I was their dishwasher, Todd was…Dave was before him.  I guess it used to be just Dave, then Dave and Todd, then Todd and me, and then it was just me!  I think it’s still me when I go home, although it sounds like their getting more willing to allow me to cook at family events now.

At any rate, Todd’s dishwashing legacy has been left in my life through the smell of one green, palmolive dish soap.  So, Toddy, I’m thinkin’ of you tonight!  And I love ya!  :0)

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