Dance Your Heart Out, Cinderella!

Last night I spend a few hours at my friend Rosalind’s house.  Our church organizes and puts on an event on Halloween night called, Light the Night.  We get groups of people together to go to certain Img_4835 houses (last night we had 3 houses) to light up really bright with…lights :), loud music that praises Jesus, puppets, candy bags-with an invite card to our church and the real story behind Halloween, and really friendly people (this is very important).  It’s a ton of fun and we pray that each year God would open up opportunities to share Him with others in a fun and personal way. 

So I got the chance to meet Cinderella last night.  She was 4 years old and she came with her mom and grandma (who stayed in the car because it was so cold).  When she took one look at those puppets and she started dancin’ to the music, there was no stopping her!  She didn’t have a care in the world and she had a blast!  While she was there, Cinderella hung with us…she trusted us.  I told her mom that she was going to have to come visit our church and she said that she probably was going to have to!  I’m going to pray that I get to see Cinderella and her mom again soon.

I want to trust Jesus and just dance my heart out!  Perhaps not literally, but I want my life to dance.

Eli El did try to teach me to dance last night and got kinda frustrated.  Check him out.  Video Img_4830_1 would’ve captured it best though.

Tonight my friend, Brad, talked about keeping the Sabbath and about resting in God.  Maybe if I work on ‘not working’ (hah!) and I simply trust Jesus more deeply, I’ll be able to dance my heart out too!  And since I can take some lessons from Cinderella, Eli El could give me some more lessons too.  I can try to be as smooth as he is.

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