One of the fun, new differences to my new teaching position, here in Alexandria, is that I put out 24, brand new sharpened pencils out on the desks this morning, and at the end of the day…they were all there still!

This is a landmark day that I may never forget (and if you've taught at any of my previous schools, you COMPLETELY understand this).  Never in my career, so far, has anything remotely close to this happened.  I've never had so many kids come to school prepared, let alone prepared on the first day of school.  And the kids that didn't come with pencils used my pencils, but didn't take them with them, and were responsible enough to put them back!  I giggled when I counted them at the end of the day.  It's just so…odd.

There were several moments of giggling today in addition to that.  When I only had to "kind of" redirect a slightly impulsive kid while walking in the hallway, that was awesome…and when only two kids came up to me without permission during homeroom to tell me something.  Everyone else raised their hands!  

I can see some of the challenges that I'll be facing, for sure, but it's unreal to see what a difference it is to be in different school settings.  I have (for the most part) loved my previous classroom experiences.  I have built some great relationships with students and parents that I will have for a very long time….with people that I have come to love dearly.  This experience is just new to me and I can see that I will have more giggly moments for the next couple months as I watch my little wonders in action:-)

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