Spiritual Spongebob

Today is an extremely intentional day of rest.  I've been experiencing quite a bit of conviction over my
Lgfp2215+i-deserve-a-hug-spongebob-squarepants-poster time and my heart lately.  And even though it's summertime, and I'm a teacher, I've still stayed quite busy.  Too busy.  It's about to get worse. 

Yesterday some things I'd been processing for a few weeks came to a head, when my friend, Katie, read my mail last night at a prayer meeting.  Yes.  I need to rest in Jesus.  I do too much sometimes.  And when I look around at so many of my friends who are doing more than me…I need to stop and realize that it's just not who God wired me to be.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  I hate feeling lazy.  I need my heart to get it that resting in Him and saying "no" is not laziness.  Becoming a sponge again…soaking in His presence.

So I'm sitting on my bed, down in my room (I've been here all day so far, doing this)…just worshiping.  Kim Walker is belting out "He Loves Us" and I am embracing every drop His presence.  My roommate just came down to do something and she stopped.  She said, "Hmm…are you okay?  You don't just sit here.  I never see you do that.  Actually, the last time I saw you do this, you were in pain."  I smiled.  "You're not in pain, are you?"  "No." :) 

I think that pretty much sums it up. 

"And tonight, without the love of God, we're just up here making noise…but the love of God changes us and we're never the same after we encounter the love of God….and if you want to encounter the love of God right now, you better brace yourself because He's about to blow in this place!"

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