Summer School Swimming

I’m kind of going through withdrawal from my kids, so when given the opportunity to go on a little field trip with the summer school crew today, I gladly accepted.  It was really fun because there were 6 adults and only 30 kids.  (Piece of cake;)  Here are some moments from our day…
Dsc03632 These are some of the kids that the aquatic center wouldn’t allow to swim because their bathing suits weren’t real. (SAD!)


Here we have a couple kids going down the slide.


And here we have some kids enjoying the wave pool.


This is Tony and Joi.


And this is me with one of our new staff members-Johnson.

Let’s not forget Mr. Sarvello-holding up some poor boy’s underwear…no one wanted to fess up to whoDsc03664
owned the tighty whiteys left on the ground outside:)

I love working at Hanley!!!

3 thoughts on “Summer School Swimming

  1. AM-Yes, Chandler Water Park.
    KT-There were actually 2 pairs just laying on the ground, but I think they may have hunted down the one little guy, just not the other:)


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