Google Yourself!

Hey, have you ever “googled” yourself? It doesn’t hurt as much as it sounds like it might. It’s actually quite fun (if given the right time in the middle of a summer night:).

Tonight I found out that I was married to Jeff Burton, the famous racecar driver (also my cousin’s name…). I’m featured on ARTISTdirect. I’m a shining star .
I’m a professor in ergonomics (and apparently male) I’m a registered clinical counsellor I’m a Balkan expert Finally…that I’m an accordian player!

C’mon, you’re bored at work! Google yourself:)

2 thoughts on “Google Yourself!

  1. Last time I googled myself I found out there is a very athletically inclined pre-teen Katie Trapp in the northeast. Lacrosse and something else. So at least there is justice in the world!


  2. I have to Google myself every so often because my mother-in-law is really scared that something will happen to my kids. She Googles my husband and I to make sure no can see any of our kids’ pictures. I’ve kinda gotten tired of it, so if she tries now I know she’ll find their pictures. I just try not to say where in Michigan I live, but it happens sometimes. It’s not that I don’t care about them, but I like to show them off!


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