Updates are good:)

Nothing in particular, just a post for my memoir:)

1.)Today was a great day for a snow day:)  I didn’t go into Hamtramck to work but I did go into (you guessed it!) Caribou to work.  Unfortunately I didn’t gravitate to my large stack of papers to grade, but I worked with my friend, and co-worker, Dana on our School Improvement Plan.  I probably haven’t mentioned this before, but I recently became the chair for our School Improvment Committee at school.  The is the biggest job-related committee that I’ve ever led and it’s more like a second part-time job…just what I needed, something else to do:)  I really do love it though.

The Michigan Department of Education is often unrealistic with it’s goals for us but in order to exist, we comply.  My hope is that God will use me at Hanley to cast vision for us to not only comply with the regulations, but to excel above them.  So far that task has been a bit overwhelming (what’s new:).  We are setting out to write a School Improvement Plan…and then implement it.  Honestly, it stresses me out a bit when I think about it, but if I’m going to be here to work I want to be an impact.  And so that’s why I love it that I get to do this.  It’s a ton of extra work…a ton…and I hold more responsibility than I personally think I should, but growth will come as I walk through this-holding God’s hand, of course.

In saying that, I don’t mean to compartmentalize God’s "role" in my life…but I do sometimes.  Honestly, I’ve only prayed about the school improvement thing once…and the rest I’ve done on my own.  Gee, I’m thinking there’s something wrong with that picture.  Hmmm.  My heart is heavy right now over a few things, with this being one of them. 

2.) I’m quitting Curves.  This is very shocking to a few people, but it really just needs to happen.  The good news about that though, is that I joined a different gym.  I’m pretty excited about it too-change can be an awesome thing.  I’m going to have a personal trainer and she’s going to basically tell me what to do.  Last night was the first session-it was actually a trial day.  My lower body’s a bit sore, but I feel great today!  Then this morning I went and jogged a full mile (yes, I am definitely moving towards accomplishing my running goals:). 

God continues to challenge me physically.  He’s my best cheerleader and my biggest fan.  I’m glad He’s also put a few others in my life who extend His cheering for me.  It really helps me through some tough moments.

3.)Do you ever have days/weeks where you don’t think you have enough time to spend with Jesus?  I’ve been going through that this past week.  How illogical is that?  God holds time in His hands.  He shaped it and formed it.  I really need Him to direct my schedule…somehow I think He’d do that better than me.  So, I’m sitting here writing, but I miss Him…and I think I need to go spend some time with Him.  It is Valentine’s Day, and He is the hottest date I could possibly have, right?   So, good night, and Happy Valentine’s Day.  Hope you spent time with the One who loves you the most.

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