I’m Not Lovin’ It

Wow…my stomach hurts…

I’d be lying if I said that I was on a "healthy eating kick" recently.  I couldn’t honestly describe it as that.  But my eating habits have certainly evolved into something more of an intentional way to fuel my body, as opposed to a way to indulge my every desire for food.  Make sense? 

Needless to say though, while I haven’t given up fast food items altogether, I’ve made much wiser choices when it comes to them-especially these past few months.  Between you and me, I’ve only had french fries once since the first week of November.  (I’ll accept all types of applause at this time:) 

This evening when I was running around, kinda hungry for some dinner, I decided to stop at McDonald’s and grab something quick, without having to step out of my eating regime.  A cheeseburger and small fries are a decent number of Weight Watchers points so I opted for that in my hurry.  Let’s see, about 7 o’clock this evening my body told me that it wasn’t such a smart choice for me to have that for dinner.  My stomach started hurting with a disgusting pain (do you know that feeling?).  The thing that stinks is that it’s past 10:30 and I still feel that way.  Not good:( 
The best thing about it is that I will probably not be too tempted with McDonald’s cheeseburgers,
or any fries, any time soon.  🙂  All I need to think of is this disgusting, horrible feeling and it should do the trick. 

I’m simply not lovin’ it!

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