O Holy Night

The other night was Church of the King’s Annual Ladies Tea.  It was such a precious night for many ladies to get together to celebrate friendship, good food and the presence of God. 

Raina Swaggerty spoke on God’s presence, and she did an awesome job.Raina

I sat at a table with a group of new friends-3 of which are from South Africa.Carolines_table_edited1

I got a chance to catch up with some friends that I don’t normally get to talk with.  And I got a chance to wear my red, glittery top that only comes out once a year….maybe if I get a date for Valentine’s Day it’ll come out twice next year! 😉


As Jamie lead us in Christmas worship songs, I wanted to dig deeper into my heart and "get" what I was singing about.  Christmas songs are so familiar.  They’re some of the main songs that I’ve sung my whole life.  I tend to lose the "wonder" aspect of what I’m really singing about when I echo these songs with other people.  Pastor Brad talked about wonder on Sunday morning.  I pray that I will always be filled with wonder about my Savior.

We sang O Come All Ye Faithful…O Holy Night…the usuals.  A line in O Holy Night struck me as I read the words on the screen.

"…til He appeared and our souls felt its worth…"

To me it’s like this.  My soul knew that it wasn’t worth much, due to the sin I’ve committed, but my soul really felt its worth when Perfection appeared.  "He appeared and [my soul finally realized how imperfect it was]"  His holiness put me to shame…ironically enough, in His holiness, He took my shame.

O Holy Night, indeed.

***On a slightly lighter note, click on the link below to hear beautiful version of this song.  Turn up the sound.  It’s great.

Download OHolyNight.mp3

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