King Jesus

I wish I’d posted this yesterday, because a song has officially slipped my mind and I can’t get it back.  😦

Rarely do I turn on the radio in my car in the morning because I’m not too fond of the "John and Rhonda Morning Show"-especially when the Birthday Blessings Club comes on.  The song they play for that gets on my nerves.  I didn’t have a CD in the player yesterday morning so the radio was the next best thing to silence in that moment. 

*Recently I’ve been experiencing great, random songs on the radio.  The other day, twice, I heard Crown2004a_1 this new song by a guy named DaWayne Woods, called "Let Go".  I just downloaded it from itunes-awesome song.*

Anyway, I wish I could remember what song I heard yesterday, but I know that it was an older song-maybe a hymn-that was redone in a contemporary style.  There were two words in the song that I haven’t been able to get away from…"King Jesus".

I was singing along with the artist, not too passionately, really, when all of a sudden I realized that there were tears streaming down my face as I sang the words, "King Jesus".  Huh.  He’s my King!  In a society where we have broken away from monarchy and have declared a democracy.  In a place where "the people have a vote".  In a country where everyone lives for themselves…I still have a King.

This is not just any King.  This is a King who stood, and still stands, on the front lines of battle for me everyday.  He has taken ridicule, abuse, beatings…all for me.  His enemy did not charge into His kingdom, to come after Him…He made Himself available for all of this.  That’s my King!  He makes me proud to serve Him as King. 

This stirred deep emotion in me as I drove to work yesterday and thought about Who I was singing about.  I can’t even remember the song, but I remember those two words.

King Jesus

2 thoughts on “King Jesus

  1. OK, not that this was the point of your post… but let’s tackle this!
    Was it a male singing? Was it one of the Passion worship band people (like a Chris Tomlin) or possibly Matt Redman? I feel like I can hear it too…a hymn remade… Nothing but the Blood?!


  2. Wow, Katie, you’re so right! That’s the song…Nothing but the Blood. I remember because it made me think of BattleCry back in April. We sang it there and I think it touched me just as much then.
    Way to go!


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