I’m sitting at Starbucks and although I don’t have an internet connection, I really want to blog (so I will post it later).  This is a great feeling, to be sitting at my laptop, with a peppermint mocha in hand, right in front of a real fire!  (This is way better than the Fireplace video that waImg_1211tch on TV at home)  Cozy, warmness fills me. J  Even though I’m grading papers, I feel great. 

Here’s a picture of my friend, Anthony, warming himself by the "fireplace" at my apt.

There are memories here.  It was at this very same Starbucks-on the other side of the fire-that I had my hot date back in March.  I am reminiscant of that wonderful night and I’m seeing the need to go on another one.  (Although the 3 older men in suits in front of me are kind of ruining my moment.)  Of course I’ve spent lots of time with God since then, but if I were building a scrapbook of memories of my relationship with Jesus, that night would have lots of pictures and thoughts carefully placed over 3-4 pages.  It meant a lot to me. 

I am finding myself lacking in intimacy and longing for it all the more.  Physical, earthly relationships are just that-just here on earth-but there’s this whole other part to me that no person can physically reach.  My innermost needs cannot possibly be met by any individual person.  I’ve heard it said so many times, and God is trying to get this through to me, but I haven’t quite grasped it yet.  My mind knows it, but my heart is still like, “Really?  It makes sense, but explain that one more time.  Maybe this time I’ll get it.”

           I’m currently reading The Sacred Romance and it’s taking me awhile to ‘get into it’.  I want to draw closer to the heart of God-as the rest of the title alludes to.  You know why?…Because I’m a hopeless romantic…although I’m not quite as hopeless as this suggests, J  I’m definitely a romantic.

          God gave us this romantic side to connect with us deeply.  I love this!  Sometimes I wish that He would take away my longings, but His desire is that I long for Him deeply, and embrace Him deeply.  I want to sit by the fireplace with Him.

“I want to sit at Your feet

Drink from the cup in Your hand

Lay back against you and breathe,

And feel Your heartbeat

This love is so deep, it’s more than I can stand

I melt in Your peace, it’s overwhelming.”

-“The More I Seek You”, by Kari Jobe

4 thoughts on “Fireplace

  1. Yeah, TSR does repeat quite a bit…actually Captivating quotes quite a bit from TSR. Both great though.
    And the other video I believe is called “The Instant Amazing Boyfriend” video… 🙂


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