If I Were a Twitterer

So I don't have anything against Twittering, but I'm not so sure that anyone would really care what I was doing ALL day long…

Yesterday as I was driving, I thought to myself, "If I were a Twitterer, I would Twitter this…", and I decided to make a list so you can pretend like you were getting updates all throughout the last couple of days.

  • left the Braue house.  it was a tough goodbye. 
  • said goodbye to a good friend for the 3rd time @ target today. 
  • stuck in construction traffic on southfield freeway; trying to get to pittsburgh! 
  • arrived at andrea and jason's house.  can't wait to hang out with them. 
  • got a funky, tart-tasting frozen yogurt with andrea and jason.  unique and tasty. 
  • jason made me a cool coffee drink with coffee and sweetened condensed milk. 
  • enjoyed breakfast with andrea and jason, then said goodbye! 
  • lots of construction on the route to dc. 
  • listening to crazy love-the audiobook…wrecklessly awesome book! 
  • lots of traffic just outside of dc-hope i make my 3:15 appointment! 
  • definitely not going to make my appt…not cool. 
  • just got denied my appt…i was 45 minutes late, after all! rescheduled for tomorrow morning.
  • crap!  just got a $100 parking ticket for parking at a meter on a street where apparently you can't park during rush hour.  awesome.  better yet-the tow truck was pulling up behind my car just as i walked over to it… 
  • met a couple of girls that i might get to live with.  they're really cool. 
  • left to get a philly chicken cheesesteak (yum!); drove all around alexandria to check it out
  • the girls i just met offered me a couch to sleep on tonight so i can go to my rescheduled appt in the morning!  so grateful:) 
  • watching dancing with the stars for the first time ever.  enjoyable! 
  • eating organic ice cream.  very rich taste! 

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