My Job for the Summer

Typically you'll find me doing a mixture of things during the summertime months, since school's officially out.  I will take some time to spend with people-do coffee, lunch, that sort of thing.  I'll take some extra time to read, to catch up with folks on Facebook, relax…the usuals.  But to be honest, although I would definitely not consider myself a workaholic (I'm too lazy for that!), I really do enjoy reading and learning about education/teaching, or working on a project for the school.  It's something that I begrudgingly do at times, but deep down it's something that makes my heart beat fast.

This summer is a litte bit different. I am so excited to begin teaching 4th grade at Randle Highlands Elementary School, in Southeast D.C., (school starts in 2 months from tomorrow!).  Because I'm excited (and because I'm such a "teacher nerd") I will delve into the DC Public Schools websites and sort through all the online calendars and materials laid out for teachers to follow.  This is something that I can't wait to really dig into, but I'm forcing myself to wait.  

Come July 6, I will be packing up my little blue Civic (and I mean packing it!) and I'll be heading East for good. I'm still trying to wrap my mind and my heart around leaving this home of mine.   I don't even have a physical home right now, although the Braue family has done an amazing job at making their home my own this past month.  But it's truly about the people you surround yourself with that make a place a home. 

So when someone asked me what I was doing with my time, now that school was out, I responded that I still have a job-it's just to hang out with people!  Isn't that a great job?  It's surely not boring.  Something new everyday…new people to spend time with…new people to love and to have a mutually blessed relationship with.  I am so completely overwhelmed at the number of people God has so blatantly put into my life for this season of my 20's.  

I think it's kind of ironic that I'm transitioning into an entirely new life, just before I turn decades here in a few months.   At moments I am a little anxious, but I'm so excited to develop a whole new level of dependence on Jesus.  As I sit and type, Jeremy Camp bellows out, "Empty me…I want more of you, Jesus!"  Yes.  Awesome.  

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