6 Months

As my kids pile into the classroom, I thought I'd jot down a thought I've had all morning…I have 6 months left.

In 6 months I'll be 30:)

Tending to be a fairly reflective person anyway, you can only imagine how I'll think throughout the final 6 months of my 20's. 

'Twil be an interesting 6 months.  Many things will change…my job, my location, my friendships, me…lots of bittersweet things.  One main thing remains:  God will still be God in my life.  So glad about that.

Have a great day:)

4 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. I can’t believe our little Kimmy (sorry you’ll always be “little Kimmy” to us!) will be turning 30 in just 6 months. You’ve come a long way since the Prizm youth days and I’m sure God has taken you places you never thought you would go spiritually and emotionally. I’m sure you will reflect on the good and the bad of these before thirty years and see how much you’ve grown and maybe get a glimpse of where God is taking you in the next phase of your journey through the thirties. Wherever you go physically, spiritually and emotionally I’m sure you won’t forget that you have someone walking beside you every step of the way…good or bad. We love ya! -Claudia


  2. Kim, I believe that ladies who are in love with Jesus experience a wonderful thing in their 30’s! They step into graceful beauty and find that they’re living in a deeper confidence and truer joy as they live out their calling!
    You’re only getting BETTER as time moves forward!
    Happy First Day of Spring!


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