Liking Jesus More Than Chocolate

This is the 3rd week of a 21 day Daniel Fast that several people in my church family are experiencing together.  It's been an awesome couple of weeks, going through this with a good portion of my friends, and keeping each other accountable to what we've put our word out to do.  Together we've been experimenting with a few new dishes (can't wait to try the tofu/vegetarian pad thai this Thursday at Lifegroup!) and discussing the blessings and challenges of walking through something like this. 

It seems that the toughest things for people to have given up are coffee, meat and sugar (of any kind:)…I've heard a lot about cheese too.  One of my friends has been lamenting over coffee the entire time.  It's definitely been a difficult thing for her to let go of.  At one point she said, "If at the end of this thing, I love Jesus more than coffee, then this will be a good thing!"  Someone responded to her and said, "Wait a second, you haven't had coffee this entire time so far?"  "No," she said.  "Well, it does seem like you already do love Jesus more than coffee!  Otherwise, don't you think you would've broken down already?" (cue the small smile on your face, with a short nod)

We just don't see things the way we could sometimes, huh?

And in that case, I've also accomplished one of my goals, and I can say with all honesty, "I love Jesus more than chocolate." :)  We all have our own goals, right? 😉

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