Just a Few Feet Ahead of Me

Well, this has been the longest sabbatical that I've taken from blogging since I started a few years ago.  I miss writing and am hoping that I'll be able to jump back in more frequently these next few months.  We'll see.  I make no promises.  Many people have most likely stopped checking…it's cool.  I would too:)

The other night I got to see my oldest friend (I think we realized we'd known each other something like 22 years…she turns 30 in 22 days:).  Her in-laws live in Kalamazoo, which is only a couple hours from here.  I wanted to go there, spend a few hours and then come home that night.  That was the goal.  So, despite the incoming snow between K-Zoo and D-town I ventured out at about 12.15am from K-Zoo.  No-it wasn't the wisest move.  But in my defense, I was wide awake and there's no way that I could've fallen asleep at their house.  So it made the most sense to me to just drive. 

Have you ever driven a maximum of 50 mph on a major highway where you typically drive 75?  It was driving me nuts.  The roads were slippery and a bit dangerous…I certainly felt adventurous.  I could only see about 2 feet in front of me pretty much the whole time.  It looked something  like this.

…only, I could actually see a lot less in front of me that night.

At one point I just laughed out loud.  I mean, how much can this little ride, across the perils of Michigan, possibly parallel my life right now?  So much of life feels a little dangerous at this moment-adventurous, if you will.  I can barely see two feet in front of me (aka, past the next few months) and my best bet points directly to keeping focused on any light in front of me…and praying intently for guidance.  Jen had texted me at one point asking me how I was holding up.  I did reply, telling her that the ride was insane.  Then she scolded me for texting in that kind of weather. lol  I quickly replied to tell her that I wanted her to know I was okay.  But that was it.

This journey that I'm on is intense right now.  It's stressful and has had its moments of complete anxiety.  I will continue to draw myself back to focus on what's most important, which is basking in the presence of Jesus.  He is my Prince…my Knight in shining armor…the Light in my blizzard…Author of my story. 

One thought on “Just a Few Feet Ahead of Me

  1. Claudia says:

    I haven’t given up on checking your blog Kim! And it’s so nice to see you back on posting again=) That’s crazy that you drove in that mess but I can understand the parallel to your life…been there before! God is gracious and I love that verse Psalm 73:26, My flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. This was such in encouragement to me at such a pivotal moment in my life. To know that my God, my Savior loved and cherished me in a way that I couldn’t even understand was so overwhelming and comforting. I know He is with you through the “blizzards” of your life as long as you continue to keep your eyes on Him. Love ya sweety!


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