My Help

Exhaustion overtakes my eyes, but I simply have to write something about today!  (I really wish that I would just kick myself in the seat and choose to be more disciplined about blogging nowadays!)

From 1-7pm we had parent-teacher conferences.  Honestly-really honestly-this was the best PTC session I’ve experienced yet.  Not only was there NO conflict happening, but there was not even a string of tension or conflict present the entire time!  Never have I experienced such a thing.  As a matter of fact, this is just how blessed I was today…3 different parents told me their kids loved me (I know…awwww!), one of them said, "No, seriously, your picture is on our refrigerator!  You are talked about, everyday."  I was told that "whatever I’m doing, I’m doing right."  And the many thanks that I received made my heart all warm and fuzzy-this will last for months.

I realize that it sounds like I’m trying to brag and desperately need attention (perhaps, but not probable)…except for the fact that all good things come from God!  One parent told me that she couldn’t understand how someone could have so much patience with a big group of kids all day long…I simply reminded her that "His grace is sufficient for me and that (thankfully) she’s seeing Him and not my weakness in that area".  Seriously, think about it…the kids don’t love me!  I am nothing without Jesus…really what they love is Jesus who lives in me (they just aren’t aware of that); and although I’ve worked very hard this year to get my kids to love reading and writing as much as they do, God was the founding Father of language and He just lit a blazing fire in their little hearts for it.  I happened to be a tool that He used (that’s what I did right).  And people thanked me, but I returned thanks back to MY HELP

Yes, I felt much appreciated today-incredibly appreciated, and affirmed, and loved, and warm, and fuzzy, and respected…But in reality, today was a win for Jesus.  He was working in Hamtramck and He invited me to join His activity there.  So I did.  That’s all I did:)

4 thoughts on “My Help

  1. Yay Miss Burton! So glad to hear about all the people speaking Truth in your life and to hear how God is encouraging you with His grace. So proud of you. Hope you feel loved!


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