My New Pastor’s Wife

So this is my pastor’s wife and me!  Yay!  I can actually say, "my pastor’s wife!"  How much fun is that?

Leah Leach was absolutely beautiful as she walked down the aisle, completely glowing on Saturday afternoon.  And Brad was teary eyed as he watched her come down. 

Here are a few pictures from the day…


This is Allison, intercessor for my future husband:)


Bradley as he watched his bride.
(Jonathon kind of looks like a giant:)


Leah and her dad…she was that giddy the entire time…very peaceful and joyful.



It was right about this time that Leah "promised to dream big dreams with Brad…even it meant dreaming that this would be the year for the Lions."

The Kiss:)


The pronouncement!
(seriously, Leah had look on her face the whole day…so happy:)


The wonderful couple (Leah in her "white witch" muff and robe).

Brad is a dear friend and an awesome pastor to me.  Leah has become a wonderful friend and I’m looking forward to serving her as my pastor’s wife.  Her heart is enormous; she loves Jesus and loves people (that sounds familiar🙂  I love them both!  They are such a great example to me of seeking Jesus first and allowing the Holy Spirit to move and guide.  I was ecstatic all last week and it was such a pleasure to see them on such a beautiful day (no matter how cold it was outside:)  God’s presence was evident during the entire event and I can’t wait to see what He will do through them as one.  He is truly amazing.

**My friend, MaryBeth, posted about this as well, and she’s got links to the whole story (which is pretty stinkin’ cool if you haven’t read about it yet.

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