My Deal with a 5-year-old

Tonight I was hanging out with a few of my favorite Sullivans…okay, all of them…and the smallest oneFlower_girl
shared a dream of hers.

I forget that while I’m dreaming of someday being a bride, there are little girls dreaming of being flower girls.  My 5-year-old friend, Allison, shared with me that she really wants to be a flower girl someday.  And as I feel like the closer I get to being 30, the less chance I have of getting married, Allison seems to feel like the closer she gets to being 7, the less chance she has of being a flower girl.  Men and boys don’t understand that these are the fears that plague women and little girls. 

Knowing that Allie is a girl of faith, I asked her to make a deal with me.  I said, "Allie, if you will find me a man-a good man-to marry (and soon), then I will have you as my flower girl."  In her Allison-sort-of-way (and facial expression) she said, "Well, I don’t know where I’m going to find you a man."  (and if you know her, that face that you’re thinking of…yep, that’s the face she made;) 

So I replied, "What if I just ask you to promise to pray for me everyday to find the right man?  That can be part of the deal!  And you can still be my flower girl."  She agreed that was a deal, and we shook on it.

So I’m set!  I’ve got my young friends, Brianna Bradshaw and Allison Sullivan praying for me everyday!  Kids know no boundaries in their faith.  My faith is being built:)

3 thoughts on “My Deal with a 5-year-old

  1. Sarah says:

    I miss you all. I want to see Allison face when she says this kind of stuff!! Haha… I love you friend and just wanted to say “hi”


  2. Oh, so precious! I know that she will be praying with a child like faith.
    Kimberly, God has fine looking man of God for you! Just wait my friend. You are going to be blown away! 🙂


  3. Sounds like a great deal! God will bring you the right person in his time and AnneMarie is right: you will be blown away!
    I’m so glad you added me to the blogroll, though I doubt I’ll every write a book. I did have an idea for a kids book one, but nothing came of it. HAHA! I should try to find and post the sketches. They are hilarious!


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