My First Birthday Present!

I got my first birthday present this morning!!!  Katie gave me a few books, including Skippyjon Jones, and it is theSkippyjon_jones
funniest kids book ever.  It looks kinda boring, if you only look at the cover.  Please, a dumb cat?  But once you open the pages to read about the siamese cat who lives his life pretending to be a chihuahua…you will fall in love and cry with laughter…especially if you try to do the Mexican voices of the characters.  Perhaps I will videotape myself reading the story aloud.  That would be fun.  Would you watch it? 🙂

4 thoughts on “My First Birthday Present!

  1. Hehe! I just got 2 book order forms from their class and Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble was the featured book on the front page! It totally reminded me of you. Neither order form has the one you got, tho. I’ll have to put it on the kids’ Amazon Wishlist.


  2. Sarah says:

    OH MY GOSH!! I absolutely have fallen in love with this book. I have children’s literature and my teacher read this out loud to us (I just realized that I now sound like I’m in the 3rd grade). It was so stinkin’ funny to hear a 50+ white, southern woman try to pronounce all of the spanish words. It truly is my new favorite kid’s book of ALL TIME!! Okay, maybe I exaggerate…read “don’t let the pigeon drive the bus,” it’s great too!


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