Okay, 10:45pm may not be that late to some people, but for two teachers who have been working at their school way too much lately…10:45pm was the magic time.

My friend, Dana, and I have worked together for several years now.  She’s become a great friend of mine.  We’ve spent the last two days working into the night at Hanley and each night we hit a really defining moment of silliness that could not be contained. 

Think hard about the last time you had a deep, belly laugh, where you’re making funny noises, your body is jolting, you can’t speak legible words, you cry and your jaw hurts.  That was us!  It was uncontrollable!  Everything made us laugh…everything! 

So I said to Dana, "I really want to pull a prank on somebody…what could we do?"  Browsing around the office, I saw a pair of boots on the shelf (why are there boots on the shelf?) and I had a flashback (a couple, actually) of times when I would grab a balloon and make a body with clothes and other things on a chair in an office or a dorm room.  We improvised and got:


We called her "The Board" and I’m not even going to try to explain why…it will never make sense to anyone else.


This is us with The Board:

They (someone) says that laughter is the best medicine…and for stressed folks like us, it’s fantastic!  I feel great today!

And here’s an excerpt from the email that Candice sent out this morning, in regards to our new friend, who was sitting in her chair when she arrived this morning:

Do you realize you are surrounded by Hanley Masterminds?!!

Everyday these minds are stirring and full of juice to fill our thirsty
hearts with laughter and joy!!! Not to mention nurturing the minds of
Children from all over the world, Bosnia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Russia and
MORE!!   Well take a look at these pictures attached to see why I am so

This looks like the work of "Kimpossible & Kricky Krick".Don’t miss more
"Brick and Curton" featured presentations at Crystal Mountain.   I
wonder what will they come up with NEXT?


YEAH So it scared the crap out of me.ThanksJ

Have a fun-filled day at work!  And if you need help thinking of creative ways to make your own new staff person, just ask!  🙂


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