10 Minutes Everyday

Monday morning at 7am, I hopped on a boat that is about to sail for the next year.  A few friends from work, and I are embarking on a project, through which a process will be learned…a deep process.  Back in May I got a miniscule glimpse of what it would look like, but even today, I have no clue how it will all come together.

Molly and Jen are the two other teachers that have the opportunity to become "master teachers", as Brian Kissman dramatically tells us we will be.  (This guy is a master storyteller and is coaching us to be as well:)  He and his business partner, Susan Sturock, are building depth in us, as educators, that I’ve never dreamed of having…I didn’t really know that it existed!  It’s extremely overwhelming at the moment, but completely okay, because I know that it will all come together and make sense once I get to process through and learn some more. 

I will definitely be blogging about this on a regular basis throughout the next year, which will be a switch from my normal life:)…even though other educators don’t even read my memoirs.  Well, perhaps my readership will be expanded.Comp_book

Let’s see if I can remember, off the top of my head, the Six Super Standards of Literacy that we’re
learning…I can’t.  Not yet.  (Oh wait, they’re right here.)  One of them has to do with students becoming proficient writers.  That’s where they’ve got me hooked, everyday.  Brian wants us to journal, in a journal, everyday for 10 minutes.  I don’t think blogging counts, although I really think it should, on the days that I do it.  But, seriously, everyday?…On some level I will thrive on the challenge of knowing that my integrity is at stake if I don’t do it, but pretend that I did by writing two entries in one day (did I just write that out loud?)  No, no!  I will become a proficient writer, in order to become a proficient writing teacher!  It must happen!  (You should see our MEAP writing scores-ouch!!!)

One thing that is nice about writing in a journal is that if I do that, I don’t have to worry about torturing people who read my randoms thoughts, cleverly typed at 10:45pm, when I’m super, super tired.  I’m not the best of writers to begin with, although I do have fun…and I even made my group laugh, both yesterday and today when I shared my entries!  We’ll have to see what I’m allowed to do:)

For real, if you read this on Thursday, remind God that I need His grace to get what I’m supposed to šŸ™‚


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