Hangin’ @ Mr. B’s

Tonight I hung out with some friends from work, at Mr. B’s in Royal Oak.  It was Owens’ (the other redhead’s) birthday.  It was fun-not the wild crowd this time around:)  The girl sitting next to me is Candice.  She joined us in May as our new Office Manager at Hanley.  I just recently have had a few opportunities to work next to her and help out.  We’ve hit it off-she’s a great girl.  Plus, God is just so incredible, in the way that He places like-hearted people around us!  He caused us to end up parked by each other, which meant that we walked out to our cars together and we ended up talking about the Lord and how He is moving His hand throughout this city…I love my new friend!  And I get to work with her!  God has such powerful plans for the people of Hanley-kids, staff, admin, parents…all of us!  Life is good:)

Here we have me, Candice, Owens, Glover and Krick (I referenced her yesterday:)

Krick and Tony switched spots and he’s in this one.

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