Thrown into a Pit with a Lion

Spiritual warfare has hit me quite hard this past week, and it takes
away some of the enjoyment of all the wonderful things around me.  I
didn’t even want to go to lead my Lifegroup last night, it was having
quite the impact on me.  But I was reviewing what we were talking about
in our Chase the Lion
book and God very promptly reminded me that it’s through the tough
times that He causes me to grow, not the easy times.  It’s by choosing
to "face my lion"-the one that I seemed to have fallen into a pit with-that I push through and grow stronger.  So I PUSHed
(pray until something happens kind of thing) and I knew that I could go
on to lead in the grace that I should readily depend on anyway.  He was
so awesome! 

One of my LifeGroupies even offered to open in prayer!
After 3 1/2 months, I finally had someone offer to pray (without any
prompting at all from me!  woo hoo!)  If there was nothing else to
encourage me last night, that would’ve been enough.  Plus, God really lead
our discussion well.  So glad He lets me partner with Him.

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